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Brief History


  • ARC was formed as a subsidiary of our Property Developing Company Earlyworks 104 (PTY) LTD with a primary focus of Contracting within the Government Tendering Sector
  • Formed in 2007
  • 2007 - Project Managed & assisted in construction of a private home in Walmer Estate
  • Registered as 1GB with the CIDB
  • 2009 Partnered / Sub-Contracted with an established construction company to gain experience
  • 2010 Gained 4GB status with CIDB
  • 2011 Officially awarded first contrcat within Government Tendering Sector
  • 2011 Awarded 2nd contract within Government Sector
  • 2012 Succesfuly completed 1st and 2nd contract in good merit


Arc Developments was formed in 2007 as a venture to gain more expertise in the government sector. Being new to the tendering industry, we had lots of criteria and tasks at hand. 

Being newly registered with the CIDB, the 1GB category had tremendous competition. This led to a new business development strategy, “partnership with an existing contractor”. Fortunately the staff of ARC had vast expertise and experience in the building industry which was a positive venture for a partnering company. 

In 2009, we ventured into a partnership for a Tender published by the Department of Public Works. The contract entailed entire Renovations and Alterations of an existing Hospital Ward. The tender was successfully awarded to the partnership of which Arc Developments handled the entire project. The project was completed and handed over successfully. The department of Public Works were extremely pleased with our work as well as with the professional manner in which the contract was carried out.  

Thereafter Arc Developments achieved its 4GB. Unfortunately there were more criteria that needed to be met with awarding of contracts, IE past experience in the government sector. Once again Arc Developments ventured into a partnership for another Tender published by the Department of Education. The tender was to build 11 New Classrooms in various areas. The partnership was awarded the tender and once again Arc Developments handled the entire project which was handed over successfully to a very pleased client. 

In 2011, ARC Developments was awarded its first tendering project for the Department of Education.

ARC Developments was awarded a 2nd tendering project in 2011 through the Department of Public Works. 

We can proudly say that Arc Developments have now completed a few very successful projects within the government sector of the building industry. These projects were completed within its time frames and within its budgets. All clients had been extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship as well as the professional manner in which Arc Developments performed on site. 

We are a fairly new company in the government tendering sector, but with a 100% success rate so far, I’m sure that with given the chance in future projects, we can guarantee a very successful relationship with any future clients and projects.